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Loose Eco Diamond® Simulants

Our Eco Diamond® Simulants are a stunning alternative to mined diamonds. These eco friendly, conflict free simulants come in several different cuts including asscher, cushion, emerald, marquise, oval, princess, radiant, and round. Graded D to E in color and internally flawless, they are a perfect pairing for any of our hand-crafted settings or to replace a dull, faded stone in your current ring or piece of jewelry. Learn more about purchasing an Eco Diamond® Simulant!

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Purchasing an Eco Diamond® Simulant

When you purchase one of our loose Eco Diamond® Simulants you will receive a lifetime guarantee, as well as the option to send in the ring or piece of jewelry you currently own for us to set the stone. If the ring or piece of jewelry would need further work than just simply setting the stone, you will be contacted and further charges may apply. Not seeing the cut you are looking for? We can help! Contact our experts to help you make the perfect selection. Learn more about our Eco Diamond® Simulants!