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Loose Eco Diamonds®

Our loose Eco Diamonds® are a stunning alternative to mined diamonds. Eco Diamonds® are both chemically and physically the same as naturally mined diamonds but grown in a lab, guaranteeing them to be eco-friendly and conflict free. Each Eco Diamond® is unique and varies in cut, color, carat and clarity. These IGI or GCAL certified lab diamonds or man made diamonds are a perfect pairing for any of our hand-crafted settings or to replace a dull, faded stone in your current ring. Not seeing the diamond you are looking for? We can help as our inventory changes constantly! Contact our experts to help you make the perfect selection.

Eco Diamonds® can be previewed before purchasing but extra shipping charges may apply. Learn more about Eco Diamonds® and their characteristics, color, cut, clarity and carat!

Eco Diamonds® and Their Characteristics

Our Eco Diamonds® or lab grown diamond rings are created in a carefully controlled laboratory environment, using pure carbon, making their element makeup completely identical to that of a naturally mined diamond. Our Eco Diamonds® each inherit their own characteristics and thus vary in cut, color, clarity and carat. It’s important to understand these characteristics, so you can choose a beautiful stone that will be cherished for years to come! Choose the shape of a diamond that's perfect for you -  among others: oval, pear, asschermarquise, emerald, princess, cushion or round.


The first and most important characteristic to discuss is cut. Cut refers to an Eco Diamond®’s symmetry, polish and proportions. It effects the brilliance or brightness of the stone, the amount of fire it produces, or the dispersion of light into colors, and its scintillation or what we might better know as sparkle, in the movement of the diamond. A well cut Eco Diamond® or man made diamond actually helps the stone to appear larger as well as helps it to easily hide flaws.

There are three different cuts that Eco Diamonds® come in which are Excellent or Ideal, Very Good and Good. Excellent or Ideal means that the stone will produce optimal fire and brilliance, as it reflects nearly all of the light that passes through it. A Very Good cut will reflect most of the light that passes through the stone, producing superior fire and brilliance, and actually under normal lighting can appear very similar to an Excellent or Ideal cut. A Good cut reflects much of the light that passes, and can still provide the beauty that you are looking for but at a lower price.


The second characteristic to discuss is color. Our Eco Diamonds®, like naturally mined diamonds, are graded on a color scale of D through M, which is based off of the presence of yellow in the body of a white diamond. These grades are also placed into groups of colorless, near colorless, and faint color, with D through F grades being colorless, G through J grades being near colorless and K through M being your faint color grades. The color scale does goes beyond the M color, however, Eco Diamond® does not carry any man made diamonds that are graded less than an M color.

Your colorless diamonds are going to be the most expensive as they are much more rarely grown. As you move down the scale, the rarity, as well as the price of the diamonds will decrease, however, this does not mean you compromise beauty or quality of the diamond. Once an Eco Diamond® is set into a ring or piece of jewelry, it is much harder to distinguish between color grades and thus an H color may look just as colorless as a D color under normal lighting. Most people will choose an Eco Diamond® or lab grown diamond in the near colorless range as you can get a beautiful stone for the best value. As always, our team of experts is here to discuss any stones with you and give you their expert opinion.


The third characteristic to discuss is clarity. Clarity refers to the degree to which inclusions or blemishes inside or on the surface of an Eco Diamond® are present. Inclusions refer to the imperfections inside the diamond and blemishes refer to the imperfections on the surface. Inclusions or blemishes can interfere with a diamonds brilliance or how the light passes through the diamond. An Eco Diamond®’s or lab grown diamond’s clarity grade consists of flawless, internally flawless, very very slightly included, very slightly included, slightly included and included. The clarity grade is determined by the size, nature, position, color and quantity of the inclusions or blemishes.

Flawless and Internally Flawless pure carbon diamonds, whether lab grown or naturally mined, are extremely rare based on how carbon behaves under high heat and high pressure, and thus you will not see many, if not any. Our focus is more on the grades Very Very Slightly Included to Included. Very Very Slightly Included has inclusions, however these inclusions are difficult for even a skilled grader to view under 10x magnification. Very Slightly Included diamonds do have inclusions, however they are minor and are only visible under 10x magnification to a skilled grader as well. Slightly Included does have inclusions which are visible to a grader using 10x magnification, and depending on the stone, with close inspection, these inclusions can be eye visible. Finally we refer to the Included clarity grade. These inclusions are almost always eye visible and may affect the brilliance of the stone. It is important to note however, that with clarity you really want to see the stone or get an expert opinion from our team of experts here, as even some Included clarities can actually be eye clean and will help you to save some money.


The final characteristic that Eco Diamonds® possess is their carat weight. Often misinterpreted as their size. Carat as in the name refers to the weight of the diamond. The size of the diamond is actually measured in millimeters. Check, among others: 1 carat diamond ring1.5 carat diamond ring, 2 carat diamond ring2.5 carat diamond ring, 3 carat diamond ring.

All of these characteristics affect an Eco Diamond®’s price, some more than others. If you have any questions on finding the perfect diamond for your ring that fits within your budget, contact our team of experts here as we are always happy to help!