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Loose Eco Diamonds®

Our Eco Diamonds®are a stunning alternative to mined diamonds. Eco Diamonds® are both chemically and physically the same as naturally mined diamonds but grown in a lab, guaranteeing them to be eco-friendly and conflict free. Each Eco Diamond® is unique and varies in cut, color, carat and clarity. These IGI certified lab diamonds or man made diamonds are a perfect pairing for any of our hand-crafted settings or to replace a dull, faded stone in your current ring. Not seeing the diamond you are looking for? We can help as our inventory changes constantly! Contact our experts to help you make the perfect selection.

Any Eco Diamond® Simulant purchased loose or in jewelry can be traded in for one of our Eco Diamonds®. The value of the Eco Diamond® Simulant will be credited towards the purchase price of the chosen Eco Diamond®. Eco Diamonds® can be previewed before purchasing but extra shipping charges may apply.