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Lab created diamond solitaire engagement ring

Symbolize two lives joining together as one with our collection of timeless lab created solitaire diamond engagement rings! Paired with the perfect Eco Diamond® and set with our Eco Diamond® accent stones, our solitaire settings are simply elegant, yet unique enough to make a bold statement. Not seeing the ring you are looking for? We can help! Contact our experts to help you find your dream ring. Learn more about choosing a solitaire diamond ring!

Choosing a Lab Created Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire diamond rings are an iconic symbol and thus have become one of the most popular choices in engagement rings. They are also good for those who aren't sure what style to buy, as they are classically beautiful and typically allow for a lot of options with wedding bands. When choosing a solitaire ring, there are a couple of things to consider with the main consideration being the center stone. The center stone on a solitaire is going to be the star and thus the quality of that center stone is important.

When choosing one of our Eco Diamonds® (lab grown diamonds), it is not necessary to choose the most expensive colorless or flawless diamond to get a beautiful stone. With round brilliant Eco Diamonds®, you can get a center stone in the H, I, or J color range, meaning near colorless that can be just as beautiful as a colorless Eco Diamond®, but more affordable. The same goes with clarity, you can go to the SI clarity range, meaning slightly included or some flaws, however those flaws can't be seen to the naked eye or in other words can only be seen under magnification at a large scale. With some fancier shapes, however, like the princess and emerald, you may want to stick in the G, H, and I color range as the hints of yellow can be more easily picked up in these cuts. When you're choosing an Eco Diamond®, our experts are always here to give their opinion on the stone selection as well as provide pictures so you can view the stone before purchasing.

The other big decision with solitaires is the width of the band. Thinner bands may look better for those with smaller fingers and the opposite is true for those with longer fingers, where a wider band would look better, however wider bands are more durable than narrow ones. We want to make sure you have the perfect lab created solitaire ring, so we are here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions at all about choosing the setting or center stone, contact our team and we would be happy to help!