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Three stone diamond engagement rings

Tell your very own love story with our collection of three stone engagement rings. The three stones featured in this traditional style signify the past, present and future of your relationship together, with the center stone representing the present. Our three stone rings feature either our Eco Diamonds®or Eco Diamond® Simulants, but can be customized with our Eco Lab Created Gemstones. Not seeing the ring you are looking for? We can help! Contact our experts to help you find your dream ring. Learn more about the meaning behind three stone rings and why people choose them!

The Meaning Behind Three Stone Rings and Why People Choose Them

While not the most popular style that people choose when picking an engagement ring, three stone rings carry a deeper, more personal meaning, which is often why people choose them, other than liking their style. Three stone rings often also referred to as anniversary rings, trinity rings or trilogy rings symbolize the past, present or future and can also carry the meaning of friendship, love and fidelity, with each of these being represented by one of the three diamonds or gemstones featured on the ring. For couples who have been together for a significant amount of time, this style is a perfect way to represent where you started, the commitment you have for each other now and how your relationship will continue to grow and the strength it has for the future.

While the more personal meaning is what draws most people into three stone rings, one of the other aspects that might draw a person to a three stone style is the customization factor. While traditionally three stone rings are set with three diamonds, some may personalize the three stone style and either incorporate their significant other’s birthstone for each of the side stones, or may put their birthstone on one side and their significant other’s birthstone on the other side to show their two lives coming together as one. There are other options as well for customizing a three stone ring, such as choosing some different, more unique shapes for the side stones or even switching out the traditional center diamond and doing a gemstone center stone and two diamond side stones.

With the more personal meaning and many ways you can customize a three stone ring, it makes for a beautiful option for any couple to tell their love story! If you are looking for unique ways to customize your three stone ring from Eco Diamond, contact our team and we would love to help!