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Modern Engagement Rings

Modern engagement rings are just as varied as the ladies who receive them! The allure of the modern engagement ring is that it's able to avail itself of all the beautiful details we've learned to create in engagement rings over time, while still being unencumbered by the restrictions of what people dictate to be "traditional". The modern take on engagement rings is that it is in fact your engagement ring - you should have it however you want it! Eco Diamond® creates modern engagement rings in a rainbow of precious metals and a myriad of styles. Beyond the existing styles that we offer, you can further create your modern engagement ring through a fully custom engagement ring creation process where we incorporate your ideas and favorite components from styles you've seen elsewhere or even on our website. We offer sleek solitaires and charming halos. We have single row engagement rings and solitaire engagement rings that have stunning details in the metalwork itself. We take all the classics and offer a modern twist on them as well as plenty of opportunities to put your own unique touches into the pieces. Need help determining what your modern engagement ring style is? Consult with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We'll help in any way we can!