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Rose Engagement Ring

Rose engagement rings are rising in popularity as more and more the conventional, rigid ideas about what bridal jewelry should look like are being tossed to the side in favor of the idea that each individual should enjoy an engagement ring that appeals to them - it's their ring after all! With our ability to cast in so many different precious metals here at Eco Diamond®, we can create nearly any ring you'd like in 14 karat rose gold. Rose gold engagement rings present a slightly different look than either white gold engagement rings or yellow gold engagement rings do. When we set white gems such as diamonds, diamond simulants or even white sapphires, the contrast of rose gold against the white gems creates a beautiful pop for the stone. The look is distinct but stunning. There are many rose gold rings that are cast entirely in rose gold, then in addition there are rings that are cast as rose for the band portion and white gold for the prongs that hold the stone in place. Both create a look that is unique, distinctive and feminine. We have hundreds of styles of engagement rings, and they can all be made in rose gold, but there are a few categories of ring styles that seem to really shine in rose gold. Consider vintage styles, oval halo, pear halo and rose gold solitaires when selecting a rose engagement ring.