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Simulated white gold diamond rings

Eco Diamond offers beautiful, ethical and responsible simulated diamond rings in white gold. The beauty of white gold is paired with our Eco Diamond® pure carbon accent stones and stars a stunning Eco Diamond® simulant center stone as the focal point of your simulated diamond ring in white gold. Simulated white gold diamond rings in offer all the durability and longevity that we look for in our bridal jewelry. Eco Diamond® offers high quality, earth-conscious recycled 14K white gold that is as beautiful and durable as it is ethical. The use of recycled white gold in our Eco Diamond® Simulant rings ensures that our creations are hand crafted in a way that eliminates the need for new mining, and in doing so, eliminates the process of putting cyanide into our earth in the mining process. Our beautiful and durable Eco Diamond® Simulants are optically nearly identical to mined diamonds, but are created in a U.S. based lab that adheres to strict quality standards and so they have no negative impact on the earth, nor do they contribute to violence or dangerous working conditions as some mined diamonds can. Every step of the way, Eco Diamond® provides thoughtful, responsible solutions paired with beautiful, high quality products so you can be proud to wear your Eco Diamond® simulated diamond ring white gold.

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